Many more women are entering the workforce, causing a shift in the demographic. It is essential that employees, both men and women, become more gender aware. Understanding the nature of how men and women act and react in different ways, how they apply skills and abilities in unique situations will enable companies to succeed by leveraging these differences.

Qudwa is an affinity group that aspires to encourage dialogue and open discussion through providing opportunities for its members to interact via networking, skill building, knowledge sharing, and mentoring with special consideration to gender differences. We aim to bring members together to share their experiences and address professional and social issues such as how social and inter-gender interactions impact productivity as well as the professional environment.

The Arabic translation for the word "Qudwa" is "Role Model". We do not claim to be role models, however, we do hope to have a community of role models within our members.

We target both men and women as most skills are gender neutral. We aim to provide the opportunity for both men and women to learn from one another and enhance the work environment.

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