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When was Qudwa created? And why?

Qudwa was officially launched in April 2012. The intention was to create a place where employees can get together and understand each other's differences, specifically differences attributed to gender. The intention was to give employees a chance to learn how men apply certain skills differently to women and vice versa. The objective was to educate employees and prepare them for changes in demographic as more women enter the workforce. The objective was also to understand the differences and leverage each of them using the diverse skill and talent to increase the overall productivity of the workforce without having to waste energy on miscommunication or avoiding interactions due to lack of awareness of proper business etiquette in a diverse workplace.

What exactly does Qudwa do?

Qudwa's activities are based around 4 main areas.

Knowledge Sharing: The Qudwa Team invites a speaker to discuss a topic of interest. The speaker has the freedom of selecting a suitable topic, as long as they spend some time focusing on any aspect of gender differences in relation to the topic. Speakers are encouraged to talk about their experiences and share their personal stories. The speaker has 20 minutes, after which the Qudwa team moderates a 10-minute Q&A session. The audience attending and watching over live streaming has the chance to ask questions about the topic. This encourages the discussion around gender differences.

Skill Building: In these sessions Qudwa selects a soft skill and designs a challenge around it where teams get a chance to focus on the skill and get hands on experience while competing against other teams. Qudwa will base the challenge on a study and highlight the differences in the how men and women approach this skill as well as sharing the best practices for all. The session is intended to make each gender group aware of their tendencies and highlight areas where they can learn from each other.

Networking: There are some sessions focused solely on networking where the audience is given a quick introduction about networking and its best practices, and then asked to network with people at their table. The session aims to break silos and encourage cross-business dialogue. Even though only a few sessions are exclusively focused on networking, it is an underlying theme in all Qudwa activities.

Mentoring Program: This is a very important concept in career development. Qudwa developed a program intended to provide a chance for its members to have an experienced mentor that can help them maneuver and plan their career. More details about the program are available on the mentoring section. This program has since been taken over by the company's women and diversity group.

Why should I attend Qudwa events?

Attending our events gives you the opportunity to network with your colleagues, share your experiences and benefit from others' experiences as well. It also provides you with opportunities to increase your productivity at work by developing your professional skills and learning how to capitalize on the unique qualities and skills existing among your colleagues from both genders. Qudwa is one of the few organizations that is open to all employees at all levels across all business lines and geographical areas.

What are the benefits of being a Qudwa member?

Becoming a member gives you the privilege of staying up to date with all of our events and activities. Our Skill Building and Networking sessions are open to members only.

Becoming a member is also a requirement for becoming a part of the organizing team.

How do I join the organizing team?

The Organizing Team is responsible for planning our Qudwa events throughout the year and introducing new activities and programs. We welcome anyone interested in becoming an organizer, to apply through this form (Join the Organizing Team), which can also be found on our home page. You can also email us at if you would like to volunteer at our events.


How often does Qudwa conduct events?

Qudwa conducts events once a month except for the month of Ramadan. Our events are held during lunch time to give the maximum number of employees the chance to attend.

I want to watch the live stream to your events! Where can I find the link?

Currently, we only provide Shahed live stream coverage for our Knowledge Sharing events. If you choose "online" as your attendance preference in our event registration form, you will be sent a live stream link on the day of the event. The link is usually activated half an hour before the event. This link can be forwarded to any employee to watch the event internally.

What do I do if the live stream link doesn't work on my workstation?

The live stream link is usually activated half an hour before the Qudwa event. If you face any issues with the link, please contact IT Help Desk to resolve it.

How can I cancel my registration to an event?

To cancel your registration, please respond to the confirmation email sent and notify the team of your cancelation. Alternatively, you can contact us at

What happens when I don't show up to an event I am confirmed for?

If you cannot make it to an event, you should cancel your registration at least one day before the event in order to avoid a no-show penalty. We try to make our registration process as fair as possible, and so if there are any cancellations prior to the event day, replacements are selected from list of registrants, especially those who requested to be placed on the waiting list. We also encourage interested attendees to show up at the time of the event and try their luck. We cannot guarantee seats. However, in the case that all registered employees have arrived and there are some no-shows, unconfirmed attendees will be able to attend.

How do you select speakers for your events?

There are a few characteristics we look for in our speakers: charisma, inspiration, passion, and confidence.

I want to volunteer in your events!

That's great! We welcome and encourage volunteers! Volunteering at Qudwa events mostly entails helping out during registration and with the implementation of our skill building sessions. If you are interested in volunteering at our events, please contact us at


Can I recommend speakers?

Please let us know if you would like to recommend a speaker. Please contact us at Make sure to include the following information in the email, to avoid delay in processing: Speaker's name - Speaker's email - Why do you think they would be a good speaker? - Have you heard them speak before? - What inspired you to recommend them?

How do I know if someone is a good speaker to recommend?

As a guideline, you can know if someone is a good speaker if they

  • Engage you immediately
  • Make you feel strongly about a certain topic or aspect of life
  • Make you change your behavior or opinion
  • Inspire you to do something
  • Entertain you - or change your mood
  • Reinforce your belief in your own values (or add a new value to your personality)
  • Educate you on a certain topic and make you want to learn more about it
  • Focus your thinking on a subject matter

  • I would like to recommend a skill for the Skill Building sessions!

    We would love to hear your ideas. Please send your recommendations to us at

    I have a suggestion for Qudwa!

    We always welcome suggestions from everyone. Please send your suggestions to, or tweet to us at @QudwaOrg

    What are the ways I can contribute to this cause?

    First of all, convey the message of Qudwa goals and events to whomever you believe will benefit from our gatherings and events. Moreover, participate with us in our activities, i.e., attend our events and volunteer to help in organizing our events. If you are located in a remote location, help us organize a virtual event in your location.


    Where can I find the presentations in the Knowledge Sharing events?

    Our resources can be found under "Our Activities" tab, please click here

    Can I view older Qudwa events anywhere?

    Currently, we do not provide recordings of our Qudwa events. Fortunately, we provide the materials used in Qudwa events on our website.

  • You can visit our Networking & Knowledge Sharing webpage to retrieve our Guest Speakers' presentations and notes.
  • You can visit our Skill Building webpage to access our Skill Building packages (Instruction sheet, presentation, and scoring sheet), which are sufficient to replicate the session.

  • How can I organize a Qudwa Skill Building event?

    Please refer to Qudwa's website. Click here to find out more about Qudwa's Skill Building events. You can decide which one will be suitable for your purpose. Email us at and we will help you coordinate and train you to conduct the session yourself!

    How can I recreate Qudwa's Mentoring program at my organization?

    We have included the details of the Mentoring program in the Mentoring Section under the Activities tab here. These include an overview, the suggested flow, the benefits, and the selection processes of the program. If you have further questions that are not answered on our site, please contact us and we will try to provide further guidance.

    I would like to open a Qudwa chapter in another location!

    It is our pleasure that the massage of Qudwa is inspiring people to create new chapters. Please contact us at, or tweet to us at @QudwaOrg

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