To be a catalyst in the development of a diverse, productive, corporate environment that capitalizes on the unique qualities and skills existing among men and women.


To encourage dialogue and open discussion through networking, knowledge sharing, skill building and mentoring programs, with special consideration to gender differences in the workplace.

What we do

Qudwa aims to start a tradition of getting to know colleagues and coworkors, and of appreciating each other's experiences. Each of our events has a networking component; we take a few minutes to make sure members know every person at their table. Qudwa also creates platforms for networking and content development. Utilizing tools such as social media, web seminars and town hall events, we will build learning relationships with sister groups and leaders relevant to Qudwa.

Knowledge Sharing
Qudwa provides members the opportunity and platform to share their knowledge and experience with others. We host monthly meetings in which invited guest speakers share their knowledge and expertise with our participants.

Skill Building
Qudwa helps participants build or enhance skills that will benefit them in the workplace. The Power of Collaboration is our series of skill building sessions. Open to both men and women, these sessions address issues from a gender perspective. They run as quarterly workshops where participants collaborate to try and address a problem through collective and collaborative experience.

Mentorship Program
Qudwa helped build relationships and connect young employees with experienced professionals in the company. Sometimes guidance is needed but it's unclear who has the knowledge and willingness to help. We identified these people and helped connect them with mentees. The program aimed to create the foundation for a lasting professional mentoring relationship.

This program has since been transferred to the company's Women Development Program under the Management and Professional Development Department, where it is currently being run. We are proud that Qudwa was able to play a role in establishing the first formal mentorship program within the company.

Student outreach
Qudwa aims to promote best practices amongst students and shares with them our experiences.

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