Qudwa Networking & Knowledge Sharing Team

Mohammad Shabib

Profession: Organization Performance Advisor
My vision for Qudwa: : To engage the public in meaningful discussions and bring further awareness and insight into our workplace and community. I hope Qudwa can continue to promote positive behavior in Saudi Aramco's workforce and be a catalyst for positive change while also helping Saudi Aramco attain its strategic goals.

Tasneem AlSharif

Profession: Petroleum Engineer
My vision for Qudwa: I would like Qudwa to be a leading affinity group in the region. It will act as a key piece in bridging the gender gap in business communications by providing a friendly environment for both men and women to meet, discuss and find practical solutions to challenges in the workplace.

Maria AlAbdullatif

Profession: Operating Systems Specialist
My vision for Qudwa: I find Qudwa as a great opportunity to develop an organic way of incorporating dynamic shifts into our native train of thought. I hope to see Qudwa invoke powerful questions raised in aspects that help the workplace evolve positively, and provide a medium for people to gain more depth to the answers they seek, through effective exchange of the wealth of experiences we are surrounded by in our environment.

Qudwa Skill Building Team

Aa-Isheh Bashayan

Profession: Patient Relations Representative, at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH).
My vision for Qudwa: To have an effective role in supporting our workforce in such a rapidly-evolving work environment by bringing together professionals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills and providing them with opportunities to engage and develop.

Sarah Hayman

Profession: Leadership Coach
My vision for Qudwa: My goal is to partner with employees and organizations to create a culture that fosters performance and engagement. This aligns with Qudwa's mission to encourage open dialogue and embrace gender differences. I believe that a happy and healthy workforce has the capacity and resilience to drive Saudi Aramco's vision.

Nehal Bokhumseen

Profession: Professional Development Trainer, Professional Learning & Development Unit
My vision for Qudwa: An integral medium for professionals to network, expand their knowledge, learn new skills, and get out of their comfort zone. I hope that Qudwa acts like the catalyst of change in our workplace behaviors, toward a more positive and understanding work environment.

Qudwa Co-Founder / Coordinator

Dana Abdulbaqi

Profession: Petroleum Engineer
My vision for Qudwa: I’m hoping the Qudwa initiative provides a safe haven where its members can come together to discuss issues that will enhance the social and inter-gender interactions in the workplace and hopefully have a positive impact on the work environment and corporate culture.

Noor Shabib

Profession: Petroleum Engineer, New Business Development
My vision for Qudwa: Create an environment where professionals can learn from each other’s experiences. I hope Qudwa can demonstrate that sometime the challenge is only in your head by highlighting capable professionals who have overcome similar challenges and succeeded. I hope Qudwa becomes a venue for open intellectual discussions that reach across companies and communities.

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