“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the ONLY thing.”
--- Albert Schweitzer

Qudwa was started by a group of Volunteers. As the group develops and expands, we will always appreciate the members of Qudwa, current or past for the time and effort they invested into launching and maintaining this group. We believe their actions are everlasting and therefore so should our appreciation be. This page is a dedicated to thanking them for their efforts with Qudwa.

Previous Qudwa Team Members

Rakkan Trabulsi

Mentoring Team (January 2012 – December 2012)
Profession: Senior Energy Analyst in Downstream Strategy and Development
My vision for Qudwa: To become a regional leader in nurturing young professionals.

Rotana Tarabzouni

Networking & Knowledge Sharing (January 2012 – December 2012)
Profession: Public Relations Department, International Media Relations
My vision for Qudwa: If our program can help women identify and go after opportunities rather than focus on impediments, then I think we'd have done a pretty great thing!

Bayan Hefzi

Mentoring Team (January 2012 – December 2012)
Profession: Environmental Scientist
My vision for Qudwa: I see Qudwa as a platform which connects young professionals with mentors who can guide and inspire the next generation.

Dana Husseini

Skill Building Team (January 2012 – December 2012)
Profession: IT Systems Analyst
My vision for Qudwa: We hope with Qudwa’ s workshops, we can expand the number of success oriented employees in Saudi Arabia. To raise the level of prosperity and accomplishment for their families and society.

Hytham Saati

Mentoring Team (January 2012 – September 2013)
Profession: Chemical Engineer & Economist
My vision for Qudwa: I wish to promote the healthy dialog and open channels of communication which enriches us and address issues that we struggle with in our daily lives. Qudwa is an energetic venue where members turn knowledge into action; where learning is accomplished by doing.

Sarah Shabib

Mentoring Team (January 2012 – October 2014)
Profession: Employment Branding Representative
My vision for Qudwa: I am passionate about inspiring people and I strongly believe that “Qudwa” is an opportunity to bring people together and enable them to share their stories and in turn, inspire each other. I hope that our facilitations and workshops provide attendees with the tools and mindset to deal with challenges (large or small) that arise in the work environment which ideally will result in meaningful personal and professional interactions regardless of gender.

Marwa Khalaf

Skill Building Team (January 2012 – September 2014)
Profession: Geophysicist
My vision for Qudwa: To create a friendly atmosphere for both male and female coworkers to communicate with one another. Also, to encourage them to recognize their differences and appreciate the mixed strategies they bring to the company.

Jade Rennie

Mentoring Team (June 2012 – August 2014)
Profession: Employment Representative
My vision for Qudwa: I believe Qudwa is a unique opportunity to build a community of young professionals; male, female, Saudi and non-Saudi to share experiences, ideas and discuss solutions to challenges. My biggest hope is that this will serve as a platform to showcase the strong talent working in the region.

Abdulaziz AlBassam

Skill Building Team (August 2012 – January 2013)
Profession: Legal Counsel
My vision for Qudwa: To guide, inspire and empower a young generation of professionals; to encourage an atmosphere where mutual respect and tolerance exists amongst all, irrespective gender; and to dispel any social stigmas or prejudices that may threaten its purpose.

Zahyiah Al Amry

Networking & Knowledge Sharing Team (November 2012 – September 2014)
Profession: Health Information Management, HIU Supervisor
My vision for Qudwa: I was interested in Qudwa’s initiative since day one. Qudwa allows you the ability to meet, be inspired and inspire others which to me, is one of the most joyful moments in life. I believe that Qudwa will give the opportunity for young and experienced employees in the company and outside from both genders to network, share knowledge, stories and learn more about the importance of effective leadership and mentorship for our success.
I also believe it will be the foundation for our future leaders.

Rakan Maghribi

Skill Building Team (January 2013 – September 2014)
Profession: IT Systems Analyst
My vision for Qudwa: is to see Qudwa a leading force, to inspire a diverse culture, to contribute to the corporate growth. I want to see Qudwa be the most admired and influential organization of its class. I want to see Qudwa makes a difference in people’s interpersonal communication, intellectual levels, and develop new ideologies.

Rehman Akhtar

Networking & Knowledge Sharing (2013 – January 2014)
Profession: Change Management & Communication Consultant
My vision for Qudwa: I sincerely believe that excellent communication is at the heart of everything positive, in personal and professional life. When people from different backgrounds ages and sexes come together to collaborate and understand each other, magic happens! Barriers are broken and progress is made towards a better society. Qudwa provides an amazing platform for this to happen and I'm proud to be a member of the team!

Reem Almoajil

Skill Building Team (July 2013 – January 2014)
Profession: Law and Business Administration
My vision for Qudwa: Qudwa to me represents a fresh if not necessary start in an industry seeped in history and traditions that do not always serve the modern targets of a company. It breaks down barriers and offers a safe environment where no matter what your background or experience is, it is ok to ask questions and seek knowledge. If anything, the more you indulge your curiosities the more support you will find within the group.

Reema Siyam

Profession: HR Policy Analyst
My vision for Qudwa: : My wish is to create a professional environment where ability, skill and intellect are the defining factors for success. With Qudwa, we are creating an environment that can guide professionals to network, learn, and enhance their capabilities. By specifically addressing gender differences in the workplace, and creating a safe space to explore those differences, I hope that we encourage professionals to focus on their strengths and appreciate their differences. When they improve themselves, they improve their careers, their professions, their society and families.

Arturo Chaves

Profession: Strategic Planning
My vision for Qudwa: : Qudwa is a group of people that share the same beliefs. I believe that the interaction among man and woman creates value for society and builds a better future.

Nasser Humaid

Skill Building Team (February 2015 – February 2016)
Profession: Group Leader, Supply Planning
My vision for Qudwa: I wish Qudwa to become an inspiring and leading organization for the creation of equal personal and professional growth opportunities for both genders. I hope this comes true through fostering creativity, open debate, life-long learning, and knowledge transfer by our respectful leaders and thinkers.

Anas Jalal

Skill Building Team (September 2015 – September 2016)
Profession: Mechanical engineer, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (KACWCPSD)
My vision for Qudwa: The way I envision Qudwa is having a positive key role in society, and I believe joining Qudwa will benefit myself and the work community.

Thank you for aiding the balance!

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