Qudwa Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Objective

The Qudwa Mentorship Program aims to create an opportunity for young professionals to be guided, sponsored, challenged and encouraged to create and establish their own professional identities in a supportive setting. This is accomplished by bringing together the company's young employees (mentees) and experienced professionals (mentors). Given current resource limitations and the nature of the work environment, the Mentorship Program has focused on providing young women with the opportunity to become mentees, with the hope of expanding the program in future to support a diverse workforce. The Program has recently been transferred to the Women Development Program under Management and Professional Development, where Qudwa continues to collaborate with the Mentorship team on maintaining the diversity and development of the Program.

While the Qudwa Mentorship Program is now closed, we maintain this information and keep it up to date as a benefit to our members and visitors, and to act as a resource for those interested in professional mentorship. For any inquiries, please contact info@qudwa.org.

Mentorship Program Benefits

Studies show support for the fact that women involved in some form of mentorship (formal or informal) not only achieve greater career advancement, but a range of other benefits.

Benefits of being a Mentee

  • Gain assistance with clarifying and defining career goals
  • Utilize mentors as confidential sounding boards for ideas and thoughts
  • Learn from the Mentor's professional experience
  • Gain a professional sponsor that can champion one's career
  • Get help and advice with viewing a problem or challenge from a different perspective
  • Be challenged and accountable for one's goals

Research shows that women with professional mentors are more likely to get opportunities to work on a range of projects and tend to have greater corporate visibility/exposure.

Benefits of being a Mentor

  • Gain a better understanding of the business, especially from the perspective of the younger professionals
  • Create a wider professional network
  • Gain personal satisfaction
  • Improve your coaching and development skills

Mentor Selection Process

There were two paths for the Mentor Selection Process: Mentors could nominate themselves and apply through an online application form, or others could nominate someone they thought would be a good mentor through a nomination form.

Mentors nominated by others were required to fill in an application to be considered for the program. This was required in order for them to demonstrate both their willingness and availability, both of which have been shown to be important factors in being a good mentor. After an application was submitted, it was then screened by the Qudwa Mentorship Team and the mentor evaluated based on length and type of experience, as well as positions held. Those considered eligible mentors were forwarded to the Mentor Selection Committee for their review.

The Mentor Selection Committee (MSC) was made up of six company employees, from different levels and areas within the company, with diverse backgrounds. They volunteered their time to assess the suitability of mentor applicants. The MSC was created to ensure that the best mentors were selected, by evaluating the applicant's reputation, communication skills, development and emotional maturity. The reasoning behind final mentor selection recommendations was kept confidential and was not shared with the Qudwa team.

After the MSC review, the Qudwa team sent out notification to applicants with the final outcome. Those accepted as mentors were asked again to confirm their interest and availability. Once they confirmed, their names and information were entered into our Mentor database and were assigned a mentee based on business line representation and the number of mentee applicants.

Mentee Selection Process

Those interested in being mentees were asked to fill in an online application form, giving their information as well as what they were looking for from a Mentor. This information was used in the final pairing as much as possible to ensure aligned interests in the mentoring pairs.

The applications were then reviewed by the Qudwa Mentorship Team to ensure selection criteria had been met. The qualified applicants were then contacted by the Team for a brief phone interview to screen for interest, to validate suitability and to clarify program expectations.

After this second level screening, mentees were notified of their acceptance into the Mentorship Program. After mentees are confirmed as participants in the program, they are assigned a Mentor based on business line representation and the number of mentors in the database.

The aim was to have mentoring pairs from different business lines and with a one-to-one relationship, which meant that some pairs were not immediately assigned.

Please note that successful applicants may not be assigned a mentor immediately as this will depend on the amount of applications and Business Line representation.

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